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We offer Driveway Cleaning! Concrete Oil Stain Removal


Don't let the embarrassing oil in your driveway ruin the look of your home or business. Not only do oily driveways look horrible but they're a dangerous trip hazard. Oil on concrete also leads to dirty carpets in your home!



Most driveways cannot be cleaned with de-greaser and water, why? Because the oils have already seeped too deep into the concretes pours. Our oil eating enzymes eat oil DEEP in the concrete even after we leave!



Give us a call and we'll get to the root of your driveway problems!

How do we clean your driveway or drive-through?

How others do it: Most companies try to clean a driveway using a pressure washer. Not only is this NOT effective, but it IS against the law unless you collect oil/water before it goes into the storm drain. Arizona law prohibits the power washing leading to oil run-off that harms the environment. Both the contractor AND the homeowner can be fined if they are caught getting this type of service done. These fines can literally be $10,000 PER OCCURRENCE!



How Coyote Concrete Cleaning does it: We use an environmentally friendly enzyme solution. Not only does our product get DEEP into the pours of your concrete, but it stays there and fights any oil that may end up on your driveway in the future. It does NOT get washed away with water from the sprinklers because our solution is heavier than H2o at the molecular level. Our granulized driveway cleaning compound gets EVEN MORE effective as time passes. The enzymes KEEP on eating oil, leaving your driveway looking beautiful now AND later.




Water-less (no oil run-off)





Can be walked or driven on RIGHT AWAY



We offer Commercial & Residential Concrete Cleaning Services i:n the Scottsdale and metro Phoenix areas. See services for travel areas.